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We are a professional garments manufacturer and exporter in Hefei, Anhui ,China. It is a company with over 20 years experience in garments exporting .

Our main items are all kinds of men’s ,ladies’, kid’s wear, such as padded jackets, windbreaker, down jackets, fake down jackets, sports wear, coat, blazer , vest ,body warmer etc.

Founded in year 2006 with the name rinbon  , we are only a OEM working system, through several years working, we understand we shall change to ODM , meanwhile  offer our client perfect experience feeling is our main aim.  Then we set up our own sample room from year 2008, with this sample room, we can always finish a sample in short accurate way based on client’s request , step by step, we begin to consider our own design, our design aim is to be a integration of European and American fashion elements.

The fashion quality determines the order quantity will not be too big,  from year 2010, we set up our own factory  to ensure high quality even based on small order qty.  

With the support of quality factory and high technology, our orders are steadily increasing. In order to expand the production capacity, we successively invested in some good factory in year 2015 and 2016. The brands we have ever cooperated are  GUESS, Vaillant, Kappa, Champion, INVICTA, La Rinaschente, Conbipel, Kocca etc.

In order to build our own brand, we set up a new company with name Hefei Unice co. Ltd. in year 2015, Our current idea is fashion, sports ,environmental protection.

meanwhile we also realize the importance of building a professional team. Now we have different group, such as operation , marketing , design, technology, business,  purchase, production, quality control , document etc.

 Unice has a dream,  We are a platform organizer and manager, on this platform, each party can learn, grow, cooperate, benefit each other, and finally will get their own sucess through multiple  efforts.  On this platform, we support weak suppliers to grow up gradually,  working staff can have continuous improvement,  Customers can enjoy satisfactory products and services,  we all together will be stronger and stronger, begin happy work and happy life,  then the whole word will be a real nice world.  

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